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mrt_ninja_clan's Journal

Mr. T's Ninja Clan..Where the Helluva Strong Live
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This is the Mr. T Ninja Clan. You've gotta be helluva tough. Helluva strong. Helluva fast. No jibber jabbering fools allowed. This community is for the true ninja. The one who loves Mr. T. The one who loves the 80's and everything else growing up. This is for the A-Team. This is for Mr. T. This is for the legions of ninja at his beckon. And most importantly this is for you sucka!

Let there be no mistake. Should you want to join, you must love one or all of these...

1. Mr. T
2. Ninjas
3. Anything relating to the 80s growing up.
4. Pirates (chances are if you love ninjas, you love pirates)