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Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
8:01 pm
You know
You know I should really update. I mean hell, Mr. T IS back on tv with a new show. I personally would've called it Jibber Jabber and have him backhanding any fool that gave him lip. I mean its not like they would. Have you seen the Mr. T vs. pages? That man can kill or throw anything. But they went with a different title.
Saturday, April 15th, 2006
3:00 am
The Clan still lives. Mr. T FOREVER!
Monday, March 28th, 2005
3:15 pm
T information!
I realize I haven't posted in my own community in a long time. There are a couple of reasons. 1. I haven't felt the need. 2. More importantly than the first, I used to be the only member. haha.

So this is an actual fact filled post.

Well as it happened in a Wizard magazine a few months ago, Wizard had a page announcing Mr. T as the greatest untapped Superhero of 2005. Well I decided I'd send in a letter. Well.......actually an email. As soon as I typed the letter I thought, this will get printed. Well when the Wizard at the time came out, I bought it and looked for my letter. Nothing. The next month rolls around, and I wasn't expecting anything. My friend calls me and tells me about my letter getting printed. She thought it was great. I would tell you the issue number, but I seem to have lost mine. Anyways, I think it should say April's issue. Not sure. Well the guy called me an even nuttier Mr. T fan than himself. Apparently he's a big T fan...I guess.

I thought it was funny, and I guess others did too. My letter mostly dealt with who Mr. T had battled. I used www.mrtvseverything.com as my information. This website collected all the Mr. T versus, which I had read a lot of them a long time ago already, but still. Well a couple of weeks go by from this....

Then, I get an email from I think the President of APComics. He tells me he saw my letter in Wizard and thought I might be interested. He tells me that indeed there is a new Mr. T comic coming out and sends me pictures of the first 3 covers. Mr. T of course looks like you would remember him. Dressed in all his 80s glory. The comic should be out pretty soon, like April or May. I'm thinking April though...which is just literally around the corner. But that's all the T information I have. As far as Mr. T fan information goes, I guess that's something big to tell.

Maybe more people will join. At least a love for Mr. T is a good thing. He teaches you to eat your greens, respect your mama, and be nobody's fool. haha
Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
7:25 pm
Stop tha muthafuckin' presses!
Hot Topic has gotten in an awesome product. Its called "Mr. T in my pocket". Its basically a key chain that says 6 different Mr. T phrases. And they're by T himself! Not to mention they are all classic phrases. He even says to stop all that jibber jabbering. For only $10, I guess we should all own one.
Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
6:42 pm
Ninja Vanish!
In case you haven't had your Ninja fix in a while...

Check out Elektra. There are several ninjas in it, although they pretty much get their asses kicked. And die. And die in a big group together. But at least they're in a recent major motion picture!
Monday, January 24th, 2005
6:36 pm
Welcome to the Mr. T Ninja Clan. Your love and need of Mr. T and ninja will take you far. As well as your love of the 80's and such. I just started this community so hopefully in time, it will look MUCH better.

So basically, I guess the best way to describe the community is all the things you held dear growing up. Toys, games, shows, you name it. Feel free to discuss any of this and if you have some cool 80's shit to peddle. Feel free as well.

Until everything's up and running perfectly, excuse the mess and enjoy...
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